Monday, 18 June 2012

Kill Team - Iron Warriors pt.2

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Here we continue our look at the Iron Warriors Kill Team and in particular, meet the guy who's been there, done that and got the t-shirt - It's 'Atreus the Immortal'!

'Siege of the Emperor's Palace? Yeah, I remember hanging out at that gig...'

It could be argued that a Dreadnought goes against the whole stealthy assassination squad vibe of Kill Team. But as mentioned in the previous post, this Kill Team is much more focused on forward recon and ensuring that it has the firepower to deal with any opportune targets that may present themselves...that's my excuse anyways ;)

Besides, what better way to do that than with a Plasma Cannon wielding, 12 tonne bringer of death?!

'Death you say? No problem, coming right up....'

The model for Atreus was based upon the Ironclad Dreadnought kit - helping to provide a more meaty Iron Warriors feel. First up, I measured and cut a suitable sized piece of plasti-card to slot into the vacant sarcophagus section. I'll work on adding in some extra rivets and detailing over the next few weeks.

The head itself comes from the trusty Chaos Defiler sprue, with the removal of the horns and the addition of a new set of 'mo-hawk' spikes. Atreus' right CC arm is built as is straight from the box although I think I'll do some work to make the power claw look a little more chaotic... The left Plasma Cannon arm was converted by using the classic Epic 40k Imperator Titan Plasma Annihilator Cannon (phew!):

'Behold! The Divine Beauty Itself!'

The original weapon piece looks a bit like this... 
The section where the arm joint would fit was measured up and carefully cut and filed out...

Here you can see the shoulder casing itself and the
two pieces of plasti-card cut ready to glue inside the joint housing. 

The plasti-card pieces glued into place...

The Plasma Cannon connected into the finished joint housing.

Whilst the main bulk of Atreus is complete, I'm going to take some further time to add a few additional finishing details such as spiky bits, chain links and the like. Here's a picture of the whole Kill Team so far. Looking good fellas...

'Auto-bots Iron Warriors... roll-out!'

Next up, it's time to make a strong coffee, crack out the paint brushes and give these fellas a paint job worthy of the name!

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