Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tell Me More... HeroClix

Today we're going to take a look at HeroClix.

I'll admit that I always had the impression that Heroclix was the preserve of young American nerds. And perhaps in one way, it is. But like all things in life, a good look beyond the cover reveals just that little bit more...

A game for nerds of all ages and nationalities!

Like many people, I've always enjoyed the escapism and artistry a good comic book can provide. I'm no aficionado of the genre by any means, but over the years I've bought my fair share of comics and read up on the back stories and ever evolving universes - Particularly of the Marvel variety.

So when I got some Amazon vouchers as a gift at the beginning of the year, I decided to investigate further and make some purchases...

Wolverine checks out the Sentinel's new Nike Air Max 90's.

First up, It's clear that HeroClix and it's innovative and award winning dial combat system is huge. It's been around since 2002 and was one of many evolutionary releases based on the game mechanics of it's predecessor, Mage Knight.

Skip forward to present day and the continuing world-wide juggernaut success of super hero movie releases such as Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises, all mean that HeroClix is at the height of it's powers. All of which has been supported by NECA / Wizkids' long standing national and international tournament scene, culminating in this years' Infinity Gauntlet event

A Marketeers' wet dream.

As is expected, there's a whole host of content you can find on the web to help gain a better understanding of what HeroClix may have to offer for you, but for me one of my most informative sources quickly became  HeroClix World.

I like war gaming and I like comics so you'd think HeroClix would be a good fit but I have to admit there was one thing that was a minor niggle - the quality of the figures. This is pretty critical for most people in any good table top game and some of the early sculpts and in particular, paint jobs, can certainly give you the heebie jeebies... But it's clear that NECA / Wizkids have really upped their game in this area in recent years.

I've now read the rules through several times and got a feel for how the game plays out. I'll be honest though and say that at this stage I've yet to turn a dial in anger... Apologies if you were hoping for a full review of the game ;) Hopefully this is something that will be rectified over the coming months. For now, I'll leave you with some more pics from the collection so far.

Abomination and Ghost Rider look deep into each other's eyes.

M.O.D.O.K. and The Leader settle down to watch Countdown. 

Apocalypse let's Cyclops and Jean Grey know who's boss. 

The Punisher and Black Tarantula discuss the latest economic crisis.  

'Do The Hustle...!'

Dare Devil, She Hulk and Lycra.

An attempt to repaint Wasp (face  pending...)

The collection so far...

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