Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Antiques Hobby Roadshow

Welcome to Antiques Hobby Roadshow.

An irregular series of posts that looks at digging out those old minis from the back of the cupboard and reminiscing about the dark age good ol' days of war-gaming.

So without further ado, lets wheel out our first antique...

It's the late 80's and this guy was one of the first Space Marines I ever painted and quite potentially my first ever conversion - the Marneus Calgar inspired double power fists!

The original double fister.

This antique comes from the great renaissance period that was 'Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader' and one of many seminal GW figure releases of the era - the classic RTB01 Imperial Space Marines set:

'Just £9.99 buys you 30 of the most feared warriors in the galaxy!'

As you can see, subtlety wasn't really this chap's thing - He wanted your 'BLOOD' and he wanted you to 'DIE'!!!

He did however sport a very distinguished silver grey crop haircut and a rather fetching hand painted Blood Angels insignia.

Check out the faultlessly smooth application of 'Chaos Black'...

The inspiration for the figure was taken from the above Blood Angels squad by Aly Morrison .
An awesome piece  of work that still looks as good today as it did then. 

Well, i'ts back in the cupboard for you old friend. You have been super-ceded by the revolutionary new range of Citadel Finecast...  ;)

Until next time.


  1. Dude, did this guy beat up Dorothy and nick her ruby slippers?

  2. They are rather fetching aren't they! We won't mention what he did to Toto...


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