Monday, 11 March 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game - Republic Cruiser

One of the playable missions in the X-Wing Miniatures Game is called 'Political Escort' and the game comes with a punch out card stock Senator's Shuttle to use in the mission. This is pretty cool but it would be even better represented with a 3D model and that's where the ever handy range of Micro Machines Action Fleet toys comes to the rescue...

El Star Warsio...
I picked up both my ships from eBay. The price can vary a bit - I manged to pick one up for 99p (!) and the other for £10 (excluding p&p). Overall, a solid purchase.

The model measures 15.5cm in length and whilst the scale is out by about 2/3, the overall look of the model when placed alongside say, an X-Wing (4.5cm), is actually not that bad? Here's a quick ship length comparison via Wookieepedia:
  • T-65 X-Wing Fighter - Length 12.5m
  • Consular Class Republic Cruiser - Length 115m
  • CR90 Corvette / Blockade Runner - Length 150m

So, the model should do an admirable job playing the lead role in the 'Political Escort' mission, but could the Republic Cruiser offer up any other opportunities in games of X-Wing?

During the Clone Wars a number of vessels were retro fitted with additional weapons batteries and served as light frigates in the Republic wartime Navy...

Given an appropriate set of ship rules and weapon profiles, an up-gunned Cruiser could play an interesting role in games of X-Wing supporting a flight of Rebel fighters as they attempt to break the stubborn resistance of an Imperial blockade?

Equally, the Cruiser could play the role of transport vessel for a notorious galactic smuggler or even the flag-ship in a pirate fleet operating at the lawless fringes of the universe...

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  1. Replies
    1. Cheers bud, I particularly like the pirate fleet / 3rd faction idea :) Given a bit more time and money, i'd love to work up a re-painted fleet using 'salvaged' or 'stolen' vessels from across the spectrum of playable Rebel and Imperial ships. Would look cool on the ol' table top! TUZ.

  2. Just got a cruiser from ebay, looking forward to having a game now on Monday at the club and making up a nice little scenario for the ship.
    Will look out for more.
    Cheers for the ideas.

  3. I recommend the "Neimodian Shuttle" from DeAgostini. Its fits the scale perfectly and is a little biger than the token for the escort mission.
    Length: 7.5 cm
    Width: 5,5 cm with legs, 4 cm without
    Height: 6 cm

    The Imperator Shuttle from DeAgostini works also well and is in scale:

  4. They are both fine looking ships - Excellent recommend, cheers!

  5. I snagged one of these off eBay after reading this article, just waiting for it to arrive. Thank you to the 6.04 unknown poster for the links to the DeAgostini ships too.

  6. Great idea, I've also got one on the way for $10 (USD). Resources for clear bases?


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