Sunday, 1 July 2012

WH40k - Mortifactors - 'Pedro Kantor' WIP

Hi, I don't know about you? But I've noticed that this site has it's fair share of grey plastic floating around and could really do with the addition of some painted minis to brighten the place up! Thanks for bearing with me on this one, I'm on the case honest, and hope to have something with you shortly ;)

Whilst we're on a grey plastic roll, let's take another look at the Mortifactors Space Marine Army WIP!

Here we look at one of the Mortifactors' fledgling HQ options, in the form of a 'counts as' Chapter Master Pedro Kantor...

'If I'm pointing in your general direction,
you'll find that you have on average, 10 seconds left to live...'

This fella is based on the ubiquitous Assault on Black Reach - Marine Captain model, with the Power Sword arm removed and replaced with Kantor’s favoured Power Fist.

To represent Kantor’s fancy assault 4 Storm Bolter ‘Dorn’s Arrow’, the original ammo clip was removed and replaced with a drum feed from a spare Terminator weapon. I also wanted to give this guy a menacing death mask in keeping with the Mortifactors foreboding ethos and so decided on using one of the helmet variants from the WH Chaos Warriors sprue. This was further augmented with the addition of an iron halo.

The model’s backpack stabiliser vents have been replaced with customised skulls and he’s been given an Imperial Aquilla symbol – Although I’m thinking that in line with his status, he probably deserves a full back banner…

Kantor’s certainly no slouch on the battlefield and with his Chapter Trait of allowing all units to replace Combat Tactics with ‘stubborn’, Sternguard becoming scoring units and nearby models gaining a bonus attack, Kantor’s not a super-engineered man you want to be messing with.

I think the Mortifactors would also look good sporting their own ‘version’ of Forgefather Vulkan He’stan…

Until next time.   

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