Monday, 2 July 2012

Antiques Hobby Roadshow

Welcome back to another edition of Antiques Hobby Roadshow.

An irregular series of posts that looks at digging out those old minis from the back of the cupboard and reminiscing about the dark age good ol' days of war-gaming.

In our last post we marvelled at the enthusiastic naivety that was the twin fisted Blood Angels Captain.

Today we switch universes and head back in time to a world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition and a world of some of the most garishly painted miniatures you’ll ever see…

Bring on the antique!

It’s 1995 and this chap’s an attempt at mimicking the great Eavy’ Metal painters of the day and an attempt to re-create colour for colour, the majesty of the studio painted version…

…And whilst clearly no McVey or Morrison, it’s a heartfelt attempt that brought a smile to a young man’s face all the same.

Sculpted by the legendary Alan Perry, this Black Orc was at the forefront of a then groundbreaking range of plastic regiment boxed sets released in support of Warhammer 4th Edition.

He occupied a world of bright and vivid fantasy colour, where any future sense of dirt encased miniature painted realism, would have been laughed away as the preserve of weathering powder sniffing, military model enthusiasts.

These figures didn’t go to war, they went to party!  

'To the Disco!!!...'

Well, it’s back in the cupboard for you old friend. With your tie-dye take on fantasy battles, you bought a vision of hope to a whole new generation of excited war-gamers…

Until next time.

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