Thursday, 28 June 2012

WH40k - Mortifactors - Predators WIP

Today we continue our look at the Mortifactors Space Marine Army and in particular, focus on bringing some serious firepower to the table in the form of two Predator Annihilators!

Straight off the bat, I should say that I'm strongly considering swapping the Las Cannon sponsons for Heavy Bolters... I'd got carried away with the build and hadn't truly considered the effective strategic options the LC/HB configuration could afford:
  • Mobility whilst maintaining rate of fire 
  • Targeting flexibility 
  • Threat versatility - Opponent won't want to expose many types of unit to this weapons combination
  • Reduced overall points cost
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this approach. Anyways, with that all out the way, Let's take a look at the models...

'Adeptus Astartes? Are you sure?!...'

This was my first build and unfortunately it's clear that I've crossed the line between 'Loyalist but Brutal Imperium' to 'Spiky Traitor Chaos Death!'

I think one of the main issues is the use of the spiked ram. Annoyingly, this part is entwined (literally!) with the skeleton trophy on the front of the vehicle... I think the solution will be to retain the frame of the ram, carefully remove the spikes and replace them with something more in keeping with the vehicles of the Adeptes Astartes:

'... Ah yes, that's more like it!'

The skeleton trophy itself was made up from the now out of production Skeleton Warriors box set (the one with the three chariots) - a fantastic bits box resource of bare bone loveliness... 

'You! Yes you in the tank! You're far too chaotic, get out!!'

So, overall, Predator 1 is looking ok if a little too Chaos influenced. I'll have to take this fella back to the workshop for a re-fit...

Let's see how Predator 2 is shaping up:

That's better, much more to the Emperor's liking. This Predator has had the 'extra armour' upgrade represented through the addition of new armour plating converted from the Basilica Administratum building set.

Imperial and no mistakin'...

Over-charged exhaust casings...

Overall I'm pleased with how these two turned out. Predator 1 certainly needs a bit of attention and they're both due a Heavy Bolter re-fit, but otherwise they'll be good to get ready for their imminent paint job...

Next time we'll be looking at another Fast Attack choice - The two wheeled angels from hell that are the Mortifactors Bike Squadron ;)

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