Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WH40k - Iron Warriors Warsmith WIP

Whilst beavering away on the Iron Warriors Kill Team I got sidetracked and knocked up this Iron Warriors Warsmith…

'Flail or Flamer, it really doesn't matter to me... You'll all die in the end!!'

The main bulk of this model was made from the CSM Terminator Lord kit. I wanted however to give this guy some unique and brutal looking weaponry and so decided on modelling him a Custom Power Flail and a new, more archaic looking Heavy Flamer. The flail itself was taken from the Chaos Marauder Horsemen sprue, cut at the top and then re-attached. 

The Heavy Flamer’s original twin barrel has been removed and replaced with a single barrel flamer casing lifted from the Ork Nobz sprue. A small amount of plastic rod was inserted for the lower valve pipe. I’ve retained the original hose feeds from the Nobz flamer and still need to position them onto the fuel tank housing.

To further enhance his Iron Warrior status, I decided to add a shield from the Chaos Warriors sprue. He’s not far from finished – he probably needs something spiky added to the top of his back and maybe some fine chain link here and there but all in all, looking good.

For the time being I’m going to leave him on the workbench until GW release the updated and much anticipated Codex: Chaos… (And it better be good GW or Khorne help me...)

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