Tuesday, 26 June 2012

WH40k - Mortifactors - Land Speeder WIP

Hi there, here we continue our look at the Mortifactors Space Marine army WIP.

Today we're going to be looking at the mobile air cavalry that is the Land Speeder Tornado.

Death From Above...

Not to be outdone by it's big brother, the Storm Talon, the Land Speeder still packs a nasty punch and with it's varying weapon load out options, is just as adept at mowing down infantry or engaging more heavily armoured targets. Just don't get stuck out in the open for too long ;)

For my Tornado I opted for the assault cannon / heavy bolter combo. Although I'm toying with the idea of saving 30pts on the build by swapping out the assault cannon for another heavy bolter...

'Is that an atomic explosion I can see in my wing mirror?'

The front and sides of the Speeder have been adorned with trophy skulls and chain link to help add additional presence to the model. The bonnet (!?) also has the addition of a new skull motif, lifted and filed from the Basilica Administratum building set. Whilst an imperial eagle has also been added just above the rear air intake.

The most prominent conversion comes in the shape of the new wing design. These side foils were carefully measured and cut from plasti-card before gluing into place. The small addition of another skull motif helps tie the conversion together as part of the original wing design.

'Rollin in my 5.0...'

The model's base was built up with various scenery building bits and assorted grades of sand and stone chippings. Prior to adding these, I'd already marked the center of the circular base and glued in a length of coat hanger wire to act as the model's flight stand. This enables the model to be easily placed on or off the stand for ease of transporting.

So, the lads have now got some air cover with which to support the advance and assist in securing objectives. But they'll also be wanting the tools to be able to crack open enemy heavy armour and what better way to do that then with a pair of Predator battle tanks?!

Until next time :)

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