Monday, 25 June 2012

Dystopian Wars - Schwarz Habicht! pt.1

+++++ This is Admiral Sir William Bainbridge-Rochester of Her Majesty's Pacific fleet. +++++

+++++ We have engaged and captured Prussian vessel designation 'SMS Oldenburg' +++++

+++++ In securing the vessel we have acquired enemy intelligence of the highest importance +++++

+++++ It appears our worst fears have been confirmed. The Prussians are developing long range inter continental aerial capability. Namely, Project: Schwarz Habicht.... Project: Black Hawk... +++++

+++++ It is understood that a research facility located somewhere in the South Pacific holds the key to stopping this menace +++++

+++++ It is the request of the fleet that re-enforcements be sent with due haste to this position, so that this Prussian menace may be removed once and for all +++++

+++++ Awaiting Orders. Stop. +++++

To be continued...

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