Monday, 5 May 2014

X-Wing - AT-AT and AT-ST Walkers

x wing miniatures game Battle of Hoth

The Imperial ground forces are coming...

x wing miniatures game Battle of  Hoth

And it's not just the Rebels based on Hoth than need to be worried...

x wing miniatures game AT ST Battle of Endor


  1. There you go! Same here but I am using the lovely F-Toys models for my AT-ST's.

  2. Hey Joe Boss! How you doin? I've just checked out the F-Toys AT-AT's & ST's on eBay... They are great looking models. Would you say the scale is good on the AT-ST's, in particular? The Micro Machines ones I've got certainly don't look great in teh detail department when compared with the F-Toys minis... I also note they do Snow Speeders ;)


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