Saturday, 29 March 2014

X-Wing - Kath Scarlet for the Win! - The Metal

The Metal Bikini Painting Contest

The Metal Bikini in conjunction with Miniature Market recently ran an X-Wing minis painting competition.

I took the plunge and entered some models...

The Metal Bikini Painting Contest

I knew the competition would be stiff, so I was chuffed to place 2nd with my take on everyone's favourite buxom bounty hunter, Kath Scarlet:

The Metal Bikini Painting Contest

Courtesy of MM, I'm now the proud owner of a new TIE Fighter (the swarm is now complete) and a rather fetching TMB T-Shirt.

Clint over at TMB will be posting snaps of all the entries in the coming weeks, so keep your eye's peeled for what will no doubt be a whole sail barge full of great X-Wing painted minis and conversions.

Finally, congratulations to the other winners who fully deserved their victories!

The Metal Bikini Painting Contest
1st Place: Robert Sakaluk from Australia, with his awesome YT-1300. You have to check out the ace looking engines.
The Metal Bikini Painting Contest
3rd Place: 'Booster' from Washington, USA, with his superbly executed wrecked Imperial Shuttle. Great job.

Cheers for now :)

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