Thursday, 4 July 2013

WH40k - Mortifactors - Test Mini!

Mortifactors Chapter
Brother Carnus of the Mortifactors 5th Company stalks his prey...

It's been an age since we had any Mortifactors action on HBID! So let's remedy that with a few pics of Brother Carnus. He's with his battle brothers on the Death World of Miral in the Ultima Segmentum... as they stalk the vanguard of Tyranid Hive Fleet Gorgon...

Mortifactors Chapter

Aside from his duties of smashing alien skull with high explosive bolter rounds, Brother Carnus has also volunteered his services to act as the test mini for the long overdue Mortifactor mini paint job...

Mortifactors Chapter
'I don't need jungle camouflage. I am death incarnate. I hide from no one...' 

Using GW paints, the edges of Brother Carnus' armour were picked out with Adeptus Battle Grey and the bolter casing was base coated in Khorne Red with an edge highlight of more Khorne Red blended up with a little white...

Mortifactors Chapter

The bone armour was given a base coat of Rakarth Flesh, a wash of Seraphim Sepia and a final edge highlight of Ushabti Bone. To represent the Mortifactors chapter badge, I opted for one of the skull transfers from the standard space marine transfer sheet.

Carnus loves his new battle gear and has urged the 'Chapter Master' to pull his finger out and paint up the rest of the boyz...

'Rest easy brother, I shall make haste just as soon as I conclude this game of X-Wing'  ;)


  1. Looks good!

    If you're after a ready source of skull-encrusted space marines, don't forget the Blood Angels Death Company set; there's lots of good "Chaplain Model" material in that set, and therefore would probably be good for Mortifactors too! ;0)

  2. Loving your Mortifactors. Would you mind if I share some of your work on my blog if I post links back here?

    1. Hi, that will be fine bud, go for it :)


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