Friday, 8 March 2013

Super Dungeon Explore! - Von Drakk Manor - Mar 2013 Release!

Soda Pop are taking pre-orders for the 'next level' of Super Dungeon Explore: Von Drakk Manor :)

Available in stores from March 28th...

Baron Von Drakk has ruled the Glauerdoom Moor from his haunted manor for centuries. Now he has pledged the might of his nightmare hordes to the Dark Consul's cause. The twisted necromancers of the Dust Covens have plundered crypt and grave, raising legions of armor clad skeletons and undead abominations to serve their dark masters. The skies echo with the cackle of witches on their brooms as they cast curses and hexes on those below. Yet all is not lost. Mighty Heroes of Light have answered the call to defend Crystalia. They arrive on angelic wings and with cracking whip, slashing claw, and holy might they stand ready to turn back the darkness...

36 Fully Assembled Soda Pop Miniatures:

New Heroes:
Sister of Light
Celestial Herald
Van Wilding
Van Wilding (Shapeshift)

New Bosses:
Baron Von Drakk
Nocturne (Shapeshift)
Death Spectre

New Monsters & Spawning Points:
1 Crypt Spider
2 Curse Coven Witches
6 Skullbats
1 Pumpkin Patch Spawning Point
1 Dust Coven Necromancer
2 Dread Knights
2 Dust Mages
6 Boneheads
6 Rattle-Bones
2 Shallow Grave Spawning Points

Hero and Monster Cards
Bone Pile Counter Sheet
6 Unique Von Drakk Manor Treasure Cards

From the Soda Pop Facebook page:

'Introducing (Finally) the Herald of Vulcanis! Warrior without peer - this dark minion is a bronze clad nightmare for even the staunchest of heroes.'

PROMO Figure
‘Available for a limited time! Get an anti-hero for your dungeon today! The dark and beguiling Vandella will happily lead your heroes down paths they should not follow. With a crack of her whip, she brings a little pleasure to the pain she brings.’

'One of our Heroes bears a terrible curse!'
'Celestian Heroes are amazing marksmen and they can fly!'

Super! ;)

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