Monday, 9 July 2012

Movies - 'The Lord Inquisitor'

A little late to the party, but I watched the WH40k inspired movie 'Ultramarines' for the first time last week.

There were some cool bits in the film but on the whole it felt a little like being kicked in the multi meltas.

But there may yet be hope...

'The Lord Inquisitor' is a new non-profit fan film and it looks truly EPIC:

Really incredible work.

And in an unprecedented turn of events, GW have also recognised the talent and passion behind the project and have suggested that rather than release the legal hounds, they would actually be interested in supporting it through to release...

Head on over to Facebook and show your support.

I'll round off the post with some of my favourite Warhammer related movie work - showing 'Ultramarines' how it could have been done ;)

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