Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dystopian Wars - Schwarz Habicht! pt.2



+++++ We have now successfully conducted a series of low to medium altitude tests and are progressing to Phase 3 of the project +++++

+++++ Alongside an extensive program of increased range, altitude and complex navigational testing, we will be introducing a series of rudimentary target acquisition activities +++++

+++++ This will include a review of the Black Hawk’s traditional ballistic capabilities alongside contained field tests of the newly developed UPG Warheads and Tesla Whip technology +++++

+++++ It should be noted that reports of intrusion into our operational field space by Kingdom of Britannia forces are wide of the mark +++++

+++++ A minor engagement with forward elements of the KOB Pacific Fleet resulted in a successful re-direction of their assets and additional Prussian Naval elements have been moved up to further secure the tactical screen +++++

+++++ You can rest assured that the activities of Project: Black Hawk remain concealed from the prying eyes of enemy intelligence +++++

+++++ I enclose a series of program images with this transmission to further provide you with the confidence as to the project's continuing success +++++

+++++ Senior Commander of Operations: Professor Gustav Elbing-Reimer - 
South Pacific Tactical Science Division +++++

To Be Continued...

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