Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kill Team - Iron Warriors pt.1

Hi there and welcome to Hobby Before I Die!

For my inaugural post I thought I'd show some WIP shots of my new 40k Kill Team

Inspired by conversations with my old buddy Pete, I took the opportunity to start a Kill Team based around a force I've always had a soft spot for - The Iron Warriors

read me, Read Me, READ ME!!!

I wanted to try something a little different with the background to these guys and came up with the concept that this Kill Team was less of an assassination squad and more of a forward recon force.

Their objective being to test weaknesses in the enemy's defenses, disrupt supply lines and given the opportunity, put large smoking holes in any enemy units that pose a tactical threat!

The list is as follows:

6 x Chaos Marines - Bolter / Bolt Pistol / CC Weapon / F&K Grenades - 90pts
1 x Chaos Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon / Hvy Flamer / CC Arm /  TL Bolter - 110pts

Hopefully this list should provide some half decent tactical options on the table (?) and some good mini conversion opportunities...

First up is Berossus, de-facto leader of the squad:

Berossus has had a number of conversions added to his already war scarred body - First up was a re-cutting of the left arm at the armpit, allowing the arm to drop into a more natural pose. He's also had a new gauntlet added to match the one on the right and holds a newly gripped chainsword.

The bare left arm was taken from the Catachan Guard sprue and again, cut at the shoulder to allow for the aiming of his bolt pistol. I knocked up a bolter strap out of green stuff and slung it to his side to finish the model off.

Next up is Kargaran, demolitions and breaching expert:

This guy is unhinged, even for a Chaos Marine - Kargaran has started to walk the path of the crazed Bezerker and makes no secret of his desire to slaughter in the name of the Blood God Khorne!

Kargaran continues the bare arm theme (shoulder guards are for wimps...) and has been given an extensive conversion job to his running legs - Effectively taking the upper thighs and feet from a pair of standard marine running legs and filing and inserting a pair of greaves from a standing pair of chaos marine legs.

Alongside his melta charge, Kargaran carries a modified bolter with a nasty looking CC saw - the blade comes courtesy of the Ork Nobz sprue. Finally, and in keeping with his Khorne inspired helmet horns, Kargaran's standard back pack vents have been replaced with the classic chaos gun barrel heads, released way back when...

Next up is Varnak - Stoic, brooding and calculating but probably quite a laugh once you get to know him...

Varnak has received some minor arm joint conversion and has had the horns from his helmet removed and filed down. Does he bare some similarities to this Imperial Sternguard counterpart...?

Varnak's brother by another mother?

Up next are Lorkhan and Galimon. Iron Warriors to the core. Nothing too complicated conversion wise - some slight arm re positioning and some horn removal and the addition of 'mohawk' spikes on Lorkhan's helmet

To round off the dark brotherhood, we have Torador - the squad's communications and tech operative:

Like Berossus, Torador's bolter is slung from his shoulder - In this instance utilising one of the bolter straps lifted from an Assault On Black Reach marine, filed, cut and eased into position.

Alongside the backpacks' scanner array,  Torador has been given a servo arm, both to re-enforce his tech role and to further re-affirm his Iron Warrior status. The servo arm is converted from the space marine heavy weapons sprue and the joint casing was made up from various vehicle parts and weapons detailing.

Next time we'll take a look at the Kill Team's Dreadnought encased battle brother - Atreus the Immortal!

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